Research Programme on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Road Transport

The road transport sector has to significantly cut energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. The European Union has set general climate and energy goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy use by 20 %. The share of renewable energy shall be 20 %.

In the case of transport, the mandatory 2020 target for renewable energy is 10 %. In this case renewable energy means biofuels and electricity from renewable sources. In the long term, all energy sectors, including transport, face even greater challenges, as greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced some 80 % by 2050. Therefore it is time to start adapting the transport system to sustainability.

TransEco rises to the challenges

The TransEco research programme (2009-2013) develops, demonstrates and commercialises technology for improved energy efficiency and reduced emissions in road transport. The programme, which was initiated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, serves as a framework for integrated evaluation and development of new technology and policies for the road transport sector.

The programme provides tools for adapting the Finnish road transport system in a cost-effective way to national and EU-level climate and energy targets. The data generated within the programme will be used as input in the process of drafting and implementing EU directives, for the selection and implementation of the energy pathways most suitable for Finland and for supporting technology exportation.

On the technical level the key targets are energy savings in transport, implementation of carbon neutral energy and increasing self-sufficiency in transport energy supply. Advanced biofuels, technology for hybrid and electric vehicles and ICT solutions for road transport are among the themes covered. The programme is extensively supported by the public sector (ministries and agencies) as well as by industry.